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On this page you will find a diverse selection of geo-blocked android apps that have been requested by visitors to my site. These are mainly US and UK geo-blocked android apps, but of course, suggestions for other geo-blocked country apps will be considered. My ethos is to keep my visitors happy.

To change your IP address to the appropriate country to use these apps we recommend the Windscribe VPN app.

History Channel v3.3.5 apk Android app updated 14-11-2020

Watch endless hours of your favorite history shows and documentaries on the History android app. You can watch most of the content without needing to sign into the app with a TV provider subscription ID. But you will need to have a US IP address to view this History channel app, which you can simply get using a country IP changing app such as the recommended Windscribe VPN app.

Smithsonian TV Channel v.3.1.4 apk Android App 17-10-2020

Explore the wonders of nature, science, and pop culture on your Android devices through the Smithsonian TV Channel Android App. This is an excellent app for the whole family to watch and learn amazing new things about the world around us. It is totally free to watch but you will need a U.S. IP address to watch this Smithsonian channel on your Android devices.

Happy viewing

Nat Geo TV Android App v10.7 Apk 12-11-2020

Watch the National Geographic TV and National Geographic wild shows all on your Android device. Stream full episodes of your favorite series and amazing documentaries and explore the wonders of our world. You can watch a lot of the content for free, but to watch unlimited content you will need a TV provider login. And to watch Nat Geo TV outside the US you will need a US IP address which you can get through VPN IP changing app installed on your Android device and we recommend the Windscribe VPN app to do this.

21 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Will you ever publish the Channel 4 on Demand app for Android?


  2. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Jay,

    The Channel 4 Demand app no longer exists as it was replaced by Channel 4’s, ‘ALL 4’ app, which you can download from my page

    Best regards


  3. wil close says:

    No luck with your bbc apps. They show : there seems to be a problem, try again later. I tried them with ghost vpn but that didn”t help either. ­čÖü

  4. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Wil,

    I just tried the BBC apps and they work fine for me. Are you using the apps over wifi or a cellular/mobile network? And what Android device are you using, because there have been some incompatibility issue on some devices.

    Best regards


  5. Olie Hawkins says:

    Thanks for the QVC Uk app Peter you have kept an old shopper very happy!

  6. Oliver says:

    Thanks for the excellent website. The latest All4 app supports chromecast viewing. Any plans to upload it? Version 5.0.4…

  7. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Oliver,

    The new ALL version 5.0.4 Android app is now available for download. Thanks for letting me know about this update as it only came a few days after the last one.

    Cheers /Peter

  8. Alfred Strahlberg says:

    Can you add APKs for History Channel and PBS that are available in the USA?

  9. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Alfred,

    I’m pleased to let you know I have now added the History Channel and PBS TV apps to my other apps page. Thanks for letting me know about these two apps.

    All the best


  10. J Kennedy says:

    Many thanks from Canada, all apps working great! Any idea how to get iplayer app on kindle?

  11. Alfred Strahlberg says:

    Please add Radioplayer that features UK radio.

  12. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi J,

    Unfortunately the BBC iPlayer app is not compatible with Kindle.



  13. eg says:

    Hi Peter,
    Many thanks for the website. Wondering if you could add the Smithsonian Channel app?

  14. Olie Hawkins says:

    Hi Peter would you please update the QVC uk app as it has recently gone to version 4.0.7 if you get a chance . Many thanks for a great service and website ! Olie Hawkins

  15. Penelope says:

    Hi, would love you to publish the just released updated version of ALL4 app, as it won’t update in Australia. Cheers … and thanks

  16. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Penelope,

    Thank you for letting me know that the ALL 4 app has been updated. I have now updated the ALL 4 android app on my site to its latest version.

    Best regards


  17. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Olie,

    Thanks for letting me know. I have now updated the QVC UK android app to its latest version.

    Best regards


  18. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Eg,

    Thanks for the great tip and I am pleased to let you know I have added this extremely interesting Smithsonian TV channel Android app to my site. You can download the Smithsonian Android app here:

    Best regards


  19. Olie Hawkins says:

    Hi Peter got the QVC update big Thank you, we’d be lost without your generous help ! Thank you for such a swift response too
    kind regards

  20. Jon says:

    Hi could you post the latest iPlayer radio update? They’re already blocking v2.11.
    Thanks for your awesome website!!

  21. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for letting me know. I have updated the BBC iPlayer Radio app to its latest version now.



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