Internet Speed Test for Windscribe VPN Country IP Changer

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Internet Speed Test for Windscribe VPNOne of the common complaints about VPN is that they are slow and are unable to handle intensive downloads such as streamed high definition video content. This is true in many cases, for reasons that the bandwidth to the VPN server is insufficient; or there are too many users accessing the VPN server simultaneously, and last but not least, the long distance to the VPN server from your location.

However, with some VPN providers such as Windscribe VPN you will find that the speeds to their VPN servers are sufficient to handle high quality video streams and other large data downloads. Having said this, do not expect that same speeds as you get with your Internet provider if you are using either, ADSL, Cable or 4G/5G networks, a VPN connection will be slower than your normal connection.

Windscribe VPN Speed Test from Stockholm to UK VPN Server

I recently did a Windscribe VPN speed test from my location in Stockholm, Sweden to a VPN server in the, United Kingdom to see if the speed was fast enough to meet my needs, as I often watch the UK TV channels from Sweden and need to unblock the geo-restrictions by changing my IP address to a UK one. I was indeed satisfied with the result and was pleased to watch my favorite British TV channels from Sweden in high quality streaming without any problems at all.

Windscribe VPN Internet Speed Test Demonstration


Free to Use Windscribe VPN Country IP Changing Android App

Windscribe VPN offers you a Free-to-use version of the VPN country IP changing app without you needing to give any credit card or payment details, The Free-to-use version has a limited number of servers where you can get a new country IP from, furthermore you are allocated 10 GB of data every month for as long as you like. And not only that Windscribe VPN  has VPN software for Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iPhones and tablets too which you can install if you have these computers and devices too.

This generous free version will allow you test this excellent VPN until you heart is content. The difference between the great value paid version is that in the paid version you have access to all the country IP changing VPN servers across the globe and access to the VPN servers that can unblock Netflix too.

So why not try out this free to use Windscribe VPN app now and download below.


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