Get BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and Other UK TV Android Apps Outside The UK

AndroidIf you’ve been  unable to download the BBC Media Player apk, BBC iPlayer apk or ITV player apk Android apps from Google Play because you’re located outside the UK, then you can freely do so here.

And if you are located outside of the UK you will also need to use a country IP changing app together with these BBC and ITV media apps. And for this we recommend the HideMyAss VPN app which will change your country IP address to a UK IP address (among 75+ countries), allowing you to watch the BBC and ITV and other UK TV channels on your Android phones or tablets.


Why BBC or ITV Player apps are needed to watch content on Android

Since Adobe stopped supporting flash on Android, the BBC developed a separate media player to allow Android devices to play their live streamed or recorded video content.

But when these Android TV media apps became available on Google Play they were made ‘Geo Restricted,’ which means they could only be downloaded by residents within the appropriate countries. For example, the BBC Media Player or iPlayer on  Google Play is downloadable only to the people located within the UK, and the Swedish SVT player can only be downloaded by people located in Sweden.


How Google Play prevents you from downloading country restricted apps

When you created your account on Google Play, you gave permission to Google Play to access the full details of your Android phone or Android Tablet. This allowed Google Play to see your telephone number, your network details (such as your Internet service provider) as well as other details on your Android phone or tablet.

And since Google Play now has this full access to your Android phone or tablet’s network details, you cannot fool it by changing your country IP address to a UK IP address. And when it sees from your network details that your Internet provider is located outside of the UK, you will be denied access to the UK only downloadable apps, such as the BBC Media Player and BBC iPlayer.

So to get around this problem, my UK IT partner has uploaded onto this site the latest BBC Media Player and other UK TV Player apps from Google Play for you to freely download outside of the UK.


Get your UK TV apps for Android

Below you can download for free  UK TV Media apps for Android. And if you need other UK restricted apps please message me and I can upload them and make them available on here too. Enjoy!

BBC Media Player 3.1.10 apk Android app updated 19-09-2016

The BBC Media Player app is needed by the BBC iPlayer, BBC News and BBC Sports apps on Android devices to play any BBC video content.



BBC iPlayer v4.3.9.5 apk Android app updated 05-12-2017

Watch programmes from all the BBC TV channels (BBC1, BB2, BBC3 BBC4). These will then play on the BBC Media Player app (you require both apps to play BBC content).

And of course you will need to change your IP address to a UK IP address to watch this BBC iPlayer Android app if you are located outside of the UK

ITV Hub v6.5.2 apk Android App updated 05-12-2017

The NEW ITV Hub Android app with great new features replaces the ITV Player Android app. On the ITV Hub you can watch the all the ITV channels live as well as catch up on programmes you missed on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CiTV and ITVBe

If you’re located outside of the UK you will need to change your IP address to a UK IP on your Android devices. And if you don’t have a country IP changing app we recommend HMA (HideMyAss) VPN where we have a special offer on our site for this.

And when you sign up to watch the ITV Hub app it may ask you for a UK post code. You can select a UK Postcode from this page, which has all the UK Postcodes.  http://www.doogal.co.uk/UKPostcodes.php


ToView Player v3.1.2 apk Android app updated 05-09-2016

Watch all the UK free-view TV channels such as the BBC and ITV LIVE on a single player. You’ll need to change your IP address to UK one if you want to watch UK TV on this ToView (formely known as TV Catchup) app.

BBC iPlayer Radio v2.15.1 apk Android app updated 05-12-2017

The BBC Radio iPlayer app for Android allows you to listen to and now download your favorite radio programmes from the BBC radio stations such as Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 … You DO NOT need to change your country IP address to a UK IP address to listen to these BBC radio stations on the Radio iPlayer, UNLESS rights restricted programmes are broadcasted such as live sports commentary; and then you will need to change to a UK IP.

BBC News Player 2.5.2 Apk

Read, listen and watch the latest news stories from around the world on your Android devices by using the  BBC News Player.

My5 v4.1.1 apk Android app updated 12-09-2017

The Demand 5 channel 5 app has be replaced by the new re-branded My5 app  for Android on Thursday 11 February 2016. And now you can download and install this latest and great new My5 app from channel 5 onto your Android devices.

The all new My5 app allows you to watch shows from 5STAR, 5USA, Spike and Channel 5.  And you can also catch up on shows for up to 7 days.

Please note you will need a UK IP address to watch the TV shows and programmes on the My 5 android app.


All 4 v6.1.0 apk Android app updated 28-10-2017

This ALL 4 apk replaces the 4oD app which allows you to watch the best of UK’s Channel 4, More4 and E4 on your Android devices. If you’re located outside the UK, a UK IP address is required to watch this by getting one from a country IP changing app.

When you open the ALL 4 app you will be asked to register with a name, email address, and UK postcode before you can watch. To get a UK postcode, just select a random one from the link below, which has all the UK Postcodes.  http://www.doogal.co.uk/UKPostcodes.php

**This latest ALL 4 version now supports Chromecast. But of course if you’re located outside of the UK this will not work with Chromecast as Chromecast does not support the use of VPN or Smart DNS.


TVPlayer v3.1.8.484 apk Android app updated 14-07-2016

The TVPlayer app by TVPlayer.com is a similar app to TVCatchup and allows you to watch 45 UK TV Channels live on your Android devices.
Please note that TVPlayer only streams programmes over a WiFi network and not over a mobile network. And you will need a UK IP address to use this.

UK TV Play v4.2 apk Android App updated 06-06-2017

The UK TV Play shows a selection of series, dramas, reality tv, comedies and more from the UK TV Channels. You will need to change your country IP address to a UK one if you’re located outside of the UK.

AER TV v2.11 apk Android App

Watch Irish TV channels using the AERTV App for Android. You will need to have an Irish IP address to watch the channels on this app. So if you’re located outside of Ireland you will need to use a country IP changing app on your Android device to get an Irish IP. And we recommend the HMA (HideMyAss) VPN software and app to do this.

Scottish STV Player v3.4.6 apk Android app updated 01-11-2016

Catch up or Watch live Scottish TV on your Android devices with this STV player apk app. To watch Scottish TV on this STV Player app you will need to have a UK IP Address.

Sky News v2.5.2 apk Android App

Catch up with the latest news stories or even watch Sky News Live on your Android devices with this Sky News apk App. You do not need a UK IP address to watch Sky News live on this app.

Sky Sports v4.2 apk Android App updated 01-02-2016

Catch up with the latest sports news and follow the latest sports scores on this Sky Sports Android app.

BBC Music Android App v.1.7.0 apk updated 02-11-2016

The BBC Music App is the latest interactive app from the BBC that allows you search on the type of music you are looking for. Once it has found your music you will have the option to listen to it, listen to the BBC interviews, view live sessions and listen to presenters favorite play lists.

The BBC Music Apps allows you to:

– Find live performance audio and video from BBC sessions.
– find your favorit shows and follow BBC Playlists from presenters and events.
– listen later by saving the tracks in full on Spotify, Deezer, and  YouTube.
– Listen to any track that you have heard on BBC Radio during the last 7 days.

BBC iPlayer Kids v1.2.106 Android App apk updated 05-12-2017

This brand new BBC iPlayer Kids android app is the perfect android app that simply allows your kids to watch their favorit programmes from the BBC’s childrens’ TV channels such as, CBBC and Cbeebies.

This app has been designed so that children can easily use it to find their favorit programmes, which makes this an ideal app to install on their android devices, or on your android TV or android TV box. But of course you will need to have a UK IP address to use this app. So if you’re located outside of the UK then you can simply use a country IP changing app such as a VPN app.




Get HMA VPN country IP changing app and software

As I have already mentioned, if you’re located outside of the UK and you want to watch the BBC or ITV on your newly installed media apps, you will need to change your IP address to a UK IP address.

Watch this video showing HMA VPN in action with BBC iPlayer on Android


Or you can watch this and other how to videos on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEGjftbw1CI


We recommend the HMA VPN country IP changer because:

  • It is excellent value for money.
  • It is reliable – recommended by the Guardian Newspaper and Forbes to mention a few.
  • It is one of the fastest, allowing you to stream in high quality.
  • It is the most extensive, having IP addresses from more than 100 countries to choose from.
  • It has software and apps for Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.
  • It is easy-to-use – just a click to get a new country IP address.
  • It comes with a no-hassle 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, which means you can try it for 30 days and if for any reason you don’t like it: you’ll get your money back.


Get HMA VPN now and access your favorite UK TV channels

HideMyAss.comGet HMA VPN up to 57% Off !




HMA VPN has more than 190 countries to get an IP address from. And with its hundreds of VPN servers around the world, and it is by far the most extensive, most reliable VPN available.

HMA VPN has software and apps for:

  • Windows Software
  • MAC OS Software
  • Android app
  • IOS (iPhone & iPad) app

Get HMA VPN and enjoy your freedom of the web now



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Peter Hinson


  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for letting me know about the BBC iPlayer Radio app needing an update – I have now done this.

    Best regards


  2. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for the letting me know that the UKTV Play app needed updating. I have now done this.

    Best regards


  3. Hi Alan,

    I apologise for the late reply as I was away. But I have now updated the BBC iPlayer app to its latest version. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  4. Still getting the ‘upgrade to new version’ message. Tried uninstalling before installing the apk but to no avail… Any ideas?

  5. Thank you so much for the BBC radio app – you’ve made my day!

  6. Pleased to have been of service. 🙂



  7. Google Play Store shows a newer version of BBC iplayer radio released 6-14-2017 with version number Like Zoe, I also experience “update to new version” message with the 6-6-2017 version on this page (5304.apk). Thank you so much for this service, I’ve been returning for years!

  8. Hi Helena,

    Zoe had a different problem, her browser had cached an old version in its memory and kept trying to download it. But we managed to solve the problem by clearing the cache in her browser.

    Anyway you are indeed right, a new BBC iPlayer version was released a some days ago, and I have now uploaded the latest 5306.apk which is ready to download and install.

    Best regards


  9. Hi Abdul,

    Sorry for the late reply – I was looking into this. Which Android TV do you have because there are different versions of the BBC iPlayer and BBC Media apps specifically developed for different types of Android TVs. This means that the standard android apps designed for mobile devices and Tablets generally will not work on Android TVs. But if you let me know which Android TV you have I might be able to get the right version for you.

    Best regards


  10. Absolutely fantastic help to me. I use a vpn already but may change as per your recommendation. The one I use was little help in explaining why google play wouldn’t even show the BBC iPlayer but you explained it perfectly and it works!
    I downloaded the apk file , installed it on my android box and deep joy, my wife can catch up on Casualty.
    Many many thanks.

  11. I wonder if you have across this. I downloaded the All 4 app and no problem loading it on my android box but it came up with a message saying it does not support rooted devices. I didn’t even know it is rooted – I didn’t do it so must have been like that from new. The app still works but the picture is jerky and unwatchable. Any ideas anyone? Ca you unroot a deice and would it make any difference.

  12. Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the late reply, I was away. But thanks for letting me know the Demand 5 (Channel 5) app was out of date. I have now updated this to the latest version.

    Regards /Peter

  13. Hi Ivan,

    I have now updated the BBC iPlayer to the latest version. Thanks for letting me know.

    Regards /Peter

  14. Hi Steve,

    I guess you have an Android TV box, because these often come unrooted. I don´t think it is possible to unroot a device because unrooted devices are usually the Android phones and tablets because the manufacturers do not want you to mess around with their operating or being able to remove the apps they have installed in the factory. The problem with the ALL 4 app is that it is notoriously bad at supporting many android devices, phones and tablets. So I guess the only thing you can hope for is that a future update will sort out this problem, or try to watch ALL 4 on another Android device.

    Regards /Peter

  15. Hi Steve,

    You´re most welcome. If your VPN works don´t change it – as they say: don´t try and fix a wheel that aint broke 🙂

    Regards /Peter

  16. Hi Steve,

    Just to let you know a new ALL 4 version was just released which I have updated on my site. Apparently this new version has improved audio and video quality. So try installing this latest one to see if it is better than the version you have installed.

    Regards /Peter

  17. Hi Peter,
    Couldn’t download iPlayer update, got ‘oops, cannot open this page’. Other updates are OK! Thanks!

  18. Hi Steven,

    Oops my mistake, I hadn’t checked to see if the new version had uploaded. All is okay now. Please try again.

    Regards /Peter

  19. Hi Laurie,

    Oops my mistake. All is okay now, please try again.

    Regards /Peter

  20. Thank you Peter, cleared cache and it downloaded like a dream even though there was only 14 mg of cache!

  21. Hi Peter,
    Having a problem with the All4 apk…the file downloading (600130125.apk) is an earlier version 6.0.16, not 6.1.4 as described. Cleared cache/tried other browser & device without luck. Btw, the All4 playstore page now shows date of latest version as Oct 17. Thanks.

  22. Hi EG,

    The 600130125.apk was actually the latest version at the time 1 month ago and was actually version 6.0.9, but they labelled the version wrongly on Google Play at that time. They have since corrected this with the latest version which now stands at 6.1.0 and is the current 600130324.apk
    As you can see they do not label the latest version number and the latest apk number in the same logical sequence.

    But thanks for pointing out last month´s version number was labelled wrongly.

    Best regards /Peter

  23. Hi Peter,
    Since one month BBC is telling me “this content is not currently available.” So I changed for your recommended vpn and waited for new versions of the app, but it still isn’t working. Any recommendations? Thanks so much! And thanks for all the great apps and updates! Meaning a lot to me!

  24. It seems BBC IPlayer Kids has been updated. Can you upload current apk.

  25. I have downloaded BBC Media player, BBC iPlayer ITV Hub and HMA for android tv box. Both BBC and ITV tell me that something is wrong and they cant play or download the content

  26. Hi Mike,

    Sorry about the late reply, I have been away. Some people have had compatibility issues when HMA does not work as it should on some Android TV boxes. If this does not work, I recommend you try Smart DNS which works on nearly every Android device.This is not a software, but instead you simply just change the DNS address in the Android TV box Network settings. Once this is done you do not need to do anything else and all the UK and even US TV apps will work on your TV Box. You can sign up for a FREE 14-day Smart DNS trial without having to supply any payment details here: https://www.smartdnsproxy.com/?afid=dabe56a7d976

    Once signed up you will get instructions how to change the DNS on your Android TV Box with the new DNS details – it is easy and just takes seconds.

    Best regards


    PS. Do not forget to cancel your HMA subscription as this is not working for you.

  27. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for letting me know. This has now been done and the latest BBC iPlayer Kids app is on my site.

    Best regards


  28. Hi Akinet,

    This has been done – thanks for letting me know.

    Best regards


  29. Hi Manu,

    Sorry about the late reply. Many VPNs are having problems with the BBC just now on Android just so I recommend you try Smart DNS. You can try a FREE 14 day Smart DNS trial here. This is not a software but you simple change the DNS IP address in your Network settings on your Android device and then all UK TV apps will work and it does not change your Internet speed and only has to be done once.


    Once signed up for your FREE 14 Day trial you will find the instructions and get the details to change your DNS address on your Android device.

    Best regards


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