Get BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Other UK TV Android Apps Outside The UK

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UK TV Android AppsIf you’ve been  unable to download the BBC iPlayer apk, ITV Hub apk or other UK TV Android apps from Google Play because you’re located outside the UK, then you can do so freely here.

And if you are located outside the UK you will also need to use a country IP changing app together with these BBC and ITV media apps. And for this we recommend the Windscribe VPN app which you can try out for FREE. This excellent VPN app will change your country IP address allowing you to watch your favorite TV networks from around the world such as the BBC and ITV from the UK and Fox, The CW and NBC from the US on your Android phones or tablets.

Why BBC or ITV Player apps are needed to watch content on Android

After Adobe Flash was no longer supported on Android TV streaming sites had to develop apps that did not use the Flash protocol.

However, due to rights restrictions and licensing these Android TV media apps had to be ‘Geo Restricted,’ which meant they could only be downloaded by residents within the appropriate countries. For example, the UK TV Apps such as the BBC iPlayer  and ITV Hub on  Google Play are only downloadable to people located within the UK

How Google Play prevents you from downloading country restricted apps

When you created your account on Google Play, you gave permission to Google Play to access the full details of your Android phone or Android Tablet. This allowed Google Play to see your telephone number, your network details (such as your Internet service provider) as well as other details on your Android phone or tablet.

And since Google Play now has this full access to your Android phone or tablet’s network details, you cannot fool it by changing your country IP address to a UK IP address. And when it sees from your network details that your Internet provider is located outside the UK, you will be denied access to the UK only downloadable apps, such as the BBC Media Player and BBC iPlayer.

So to get around this problem, my UK IT partner has uploaded onto this site the latest BBC Media Player and other UK TV Player apps from Google Play for you to freely download outside the UK.

Get your UK TV apps for Android

Below you can download for free  UK TV Media apps for Android. And if you need other UK restricted apps please message me and I can upload them and make them available on here too. Enjoy!

Free to Use Windscribe VPN Country IP Changing Android App

Windscribe VPN offers you a Free-to-use version of the VPN country IP changing app without you needing to give any credit card or payment details, The Free-to-use version has a limited number of servers where you can get a new country IP from, furthermore you are allocated 10 GB of data every month for as long as you like. And not only that Windscribe VPN  has VPN software for Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iPhones and tablets too which you can install if you have these computers and devices too.

This generous free version will allow you test this excellent VPN until you heart is content. The difference between the great value paid version is that in the paid version you have access to all the country IP changing VPN servers across the globe and access to the VPN servers that can unblock Netflix too.

So why not try out this free to use Windscribe VPN app now and download below.

BBC iPlayer v4.103 apk Android app updated 17-10-2020

Watch programmes from all the BBC TV channels (BBC1, BB2, BBC3 BBC4) on your Android devices. And of course you will need to change your IP address to a UK IP address to watch this BBC iPlayer Android app if you are located outside the UK

ITV Hub v9.2.0 apk Android App updated 15-11-2020

The NEW ITV Hub Android app with great new features replaces the ITV Player Android app. On the ITV Hub you can watch the all the ITV channels live as well as catch up on programmes you missed on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CiTV and ITVBe

If you’re located outside of the UK you will need to change your IP address to a UK IP on your Android devices. And if you don’t have a country IP changing app we recommend Windscribe VPN you can download and test the free-use-version with needing to give payment details such as a credit.

And when you sign up to watch the ITV Hub app it may ask you for a UK post code. You can select a UK Postcode from this page, which has all the UK Postcodes.



TV Catchup Android App v2.3.3 Apk 10-11-2020

Watch most of the UKs free-view TV channels Live on this single player such as the BBC, ITV, ALL4, My5. You’ll need to change your IP address to UK one if you want to watch UK TV on this UK TV channel Catchup app.

My5 v6.2.8 apk Android app updated 14-11-2020

The Demand 5 channel 5 app has be replaced by the new re-branded My5 app  for Android on Thursday 11 February 2016. And now you can download and install this latest and great new My5 app from channel 5 onto your Android devices.

The all new My5 app allows you to watch shows from 5STAR, 5USA, Spike and Channel 5.  And you can also catch up on shows for up to 7 days.

Please note you will need a UK IP address to watch the TV shows and programmes on the My 5 android app.


All 4 v9.1.5 apk Android app updated 14-11-2020

This ALL 4 apk replaces the 4oD app which allows you to watch the best of UK’s Channel 4, More4 and E4 on your Android devices. If you’re located outside the UK, a UK IP address is required to watch this by getting one from a country IP changing app.

When you open the ALL 4 app you will be asked to register with a name, email address, and UK postcode before you can watch. To get a UK postcode, just select a random one from the link below, which has all the UK Postcodes.

**This latest ALL 4 version now supports Chromecast. But of course if you’re located outside of the UK this will not work with Chromecast as Chromecast does not support the use of VPN or Smart DNS.


TVPlayer v5.7 apk Android app updated 17-10-2020

The TVPlayer app by is a similar app to TVCatchup and allows you to watch 45 UK TV Channels live on your Android devices.
Please note that TVPlayer only streams programmes over a WiFi network and not over a mobile network. And you will need a UK IP address to use this.

UK TV Play v5.8.6 apk Android App updated 17-10-2020

The UK TV Play shows a selection of series, dramas, reality tv, comedies and more from the UK TV Channels. You will need to change your country IP address to a UK one if you’re located outside of the UK.

BBC Music Android App v.1.14 apk updated 02-10-2019

The BBC Music App is the latest interactive app from the BBC that allows you search on the type of music you are looking for. Once it has found your music you will have the option to listen to it, listen to the BBC interviews, view live sessions and listen to presenters favorite play lists.

The BBC Music Apps allows you to:

– Find live performance audio and video from BBC sessions.
– find your favorit shows and follow BBC Playlists from presenters and events.
– listen later by saving the tracks in full on Spotify, Deezer, and  YouTube.
– Listen to any track that you have heard on BBC Radio during the last 7 days.

BBC iPlayer Kids v1.9 apk Android App updated 14-11-2020

This brand new BBC iPlayer Kids android app is the perfect android app that simply allows your kids to watch their favorit programmes from the BBC’s childrens’ TV channels such as, CBBC and Cbeebies.

This app has been designed so that children can easily use it to find their favorit programmes, which makes this an ideal app to install on their android devices, or on your android TV or android TV box. But of course you will need to have a UK IP address to use this app. So if you’re located outside of the UK then you can simply use a country IP changing app such as a VPN app.

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296 Responses

  1. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Bill,

    I apologise for the late reply – I’ve been away for a month. But I’m now back and I’m pleased to let you know that I have updated the TVplayer app, UKTV app and the BBC iPlayer and BBC iPlayer Radio to their latest versions and they are ready for download.

    All the best

  2. Peter Bacon says:

    Hello Peter,
    My BBC Mediaplayer app is telling me that my current version 3.1.10 will stop working shortly and I should download the latest. Any chance of providing it?
    Many thanks for your service.
    Peter Bacon
    Denia, Spain

  3. BillG says:

    Many Thanks Peter! Cheers from Madison, Wisconsin-USA

  4. BillG says:

    As always thanks brother!

  5. BillG says:

    Im rather impressed w/ the New TVplayer, first time in ages it actually works like a champ. Perhaps a shade funky UI, but works well! Thanks mate! (if issues folks, clear app cache)

  6. Laurie Leaper says:

    Hi Peter, Just noticed the download option on iPlayer is missing. Has the one I downloaded on 27/7/2016 been superseded already? Thanks for a great website! Regards, Laurie

  7. Jimmy. says:

    Thanks for keeping things going Peter.
    You provide a great service.
    Not sure how things will pan out here in Ireland when a licence is required shortly for BBC iplayer.
    I watch it on the Hola VPN in Chrome.
    I understand it will still be possible to get iplayer radio with updates from yourself.
    Great to be able to get them so easily.
    Thanks again.

  8. Laurie Leaper says:

    Just noticed iPlayer has a problem with my Asus tablet, tried another, problem solved. Rgds, Laurie

  9. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    It will be impossible for the BBC to fine overseas viewers watching the BBC iPlayer without a TV License. But if you are concerned about this since you live in Ireland, then you can always watch the BBC and all the other UK freeview channels live on the ToView app (formerly known as TV Catchup) which you can download on this page above. ToView are are taking all the responsibility for streaming the BBC channels. You will still need a UK IP address to watch the ToView App and the other good news is that ToView are not blocking any VPN IP addresses unlike the BBC.

    All the best


  10. Zain Hamzah says:

    Hi just wanna confirm if the BBC iplayer and the required media player work on a Sony Android TV?

  11. Peter Hinson says:

    Hello Zain,

    You will have to ask Sony support because I, unfortunately, do not know if the BBC iPlayer and the BBC Media Player app work on the Sony TV.

    But please let me know if they do, so I can answer this question to others. Thanks!



  12. Hallo! Any chance of making the BBC iPlayer Kids update available soon? Has stopped working and redirects to Play Store.
    Many, many thanks

  13. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Peter,

    I have updated the BBC iPlayer Kids android app to its latest version now.

    Best regards


  14. Catherine says:

    To download these apps may harm my device is the advice given after i tried to fownload uk tv. Should i take this seriously? Please sdvise thank you.

  15. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Catherine,
    That is a warning that Android gives when apps are not downloaded from Google Play. All the TV apps on my site are directly taken from Google Play so you need not be worried about installing apps from my site. So you can ignore that warning for apps from my site.
    Best regards

  16. Hi Peter, the link to the iplayer kids app is still downloading v1.1 (text says 1.3 but .apk is 1.1)

    Also! There is å new bbc iplayer radio app update…

    Many many thanks

  17. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Peter,
    It is the correct link to the new updated BBC iPlayer Kids 1.3 apk as I just checked this. What I think is happening is that the Browser you are using on your Android device has cached the link to the previous BBC iPlayer kids version. So clear the cache in your browser and try again. To clear the cache you can either do it through the Android settings and then go to apps and find the Browser app and then clear the cache. Or you can probably do it by clearing the cache/history in the browser settings/options.

    And thanks for letting me know about the BBC iPlayer Radio, I have now updated this.

    Best regards


  18. Alan Summerfield says:

    Hi Peter,
    BBC yesterday announced a new version of iPlayer for Android
    iPlayer/Google Cast suddenly isn’t working, so I hope the new version solved the problem.

  19. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Alan,
    The BBC iPlayer has now been updated to the latest version. Hopefully this has solved your Chromecast problem.

    Regards /Peter

  20. Jamesparmenter says:

    BBC music App here is 1.4.0 latest is 1.7.0. 1.4.0 no longer working.

  21. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi James,

    Sorry for the late reply and update – I´ve been away. Thanks for letting me know about the new update release and I have now update the BBC Music app to its latest version.

    All the best


  22. BillG says:

    Hey Peter, no requests today mate. All is up to date. I simply wanted to pop in and THANK YOU for taking the time to do what you do to help us out. Cheers and a very Happy Holiday season to you

  23. Manfred Pomorin says:

    Thank you very much for that splendid service. What would I do/have to watch without your help. Great !!!

  24. Bill G says:

    Happy Holidays Peter! See iPlayer and All4 recently updated (12/14)…hoping you could post them up. Thanks again for all you do! Cheers to 2017…be well. Bill G, Madison Wisconsin USA

  25. Zoe says:

    Hi Peter

    Just had a notification to upgrade BBC radio player – are you able to upload the app?

    Many thanks once again
    And best regards for 2017!

  26. Reagan says:

    BBC iPlayer Radio update please!

  27. Will says:

    Hi Peter, thank you for providing this service to us, I just can’t imagine life without radio 4.
    Could you update the iplayer radio app?

  28. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for letting me know. I have updated the BBC iPlayer Radio to its latest version now.

    Best regards


  29. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Reagan,

    Done! Thanks for letting me know the BBC iPLayer Radio app needed updating



  30. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Zoe,

    BBC iPlayer Radio app is now updated. Thanks for letting me know.



  31. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for iPlayer Radio App update Peter,
    Best wishes,

  32. mbC says:

    Thanks for the updates! Do you think that you could take a quick look at iPlayer Radio? I’ve downloaded a couple of times and it still wants an upgrade to the latest version, even with a fresh download/install (21 Jan). Thanks again,

  33. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi mbC,

    This is the latest version on my site, I just tested it and seems to be okay. Please try again but first delete the BBC iPlayer Radio app on your Android device.

    Best regards


  34. BillG says:

    Hi Peter! Thanks for the continuing updates! FYI, beware of the latest TVPlayer 2/20/17 update, it requires location permissions that render my VPN useless (Freedome by f-secure)…Ive used this VPN for several years, its been a workhorse. I fear this this will be the trend of things to come. Current version listed still works great, no update yet required. Any thoughts?

  35. Ralph D says:

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for this great resource. I’m not so homesick now. I just thought I’d report that I’ve just noticed that All 4 and ITV Hub apps are requiring updates. That must have happened very recently since the older apps have been just fine. Thanks.

  36. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for letting me know about the ALL4 and ITV Hub apps needing updating. I have now updated them to their latest versions.

    Regards /Peter

  37. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Bill,

    Yes, this latest version uses the Google GPS and network location data. I tried fooling TVPlayer by using an app that gives a fake GPS, which usually works by fooling apps that get your location via GPS data; However, the TVPlayer recognized I had changed my Android settings to allow mock and fake GPS locations, and would not accept this setting.

    So it appears that this TVPlayer cannot be fooled for the time being, so I will be removing this app from my site as it is of no use. You can try using the FilmON app instead, this has a lot of Freeview channels from around the world.

    Best regards /Peter

  38. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Bill,

    On second thoughts I will leave the old TVPlayer app on my site and not update it, as it still works without using GPS data. I will only remove this old TVPlayer version when it no longer works and wants people to update it.

    Thanks for letting me and everyone else know.

    All the best /Peter

  39. Hallo Peter, any chance of an updated iPlayer Kids app? Many thanks in advance. Pete

  40. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Peter,

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been away. Thanks for letting me know about the BBC iPlayer Kids being out of date, I have now updated this to the latest version.

    Best regards


  41. Abdul says:

    Hi Peter,
    I’ve just downloaded the BBC iPlayer and Media Player on my Android TV using ES File Launcher. When I open the app, I can see the content but unable to use the remote to select anything. So essentially just see the start-up screen but no navigation.

    Any idea?

  42. Angie says:

    Thanks for the updates! UKTV Play is asking for an update.

  43. Paul Barlow says:

    The iPlayer radio app is reporting that it will soon stop working and an upgrade is required. Please when you have a moment. Many many thank for giving us access to these apps.

  44. John Slater says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks as always for your work on this.

    Please could you add the latest iPlayer Radio app which was updated on May 24th. It’s version I believe. The version currently on this site appears to be and it is warning me that it will stop working soon.

    – John

  45. Simone Renton says:

    Hi, any chance of uploading a new BBC iPlayer Radio app? I’ve got the latest version from your site (, but now I’m getting “This app will soon stop working” messages, even though you put up the last update fairly recently.
    Thanks a lot for the great service!
    Best, Simone

  46. Reagan says:

    Looks like new version of the BBC Radio Player is needed. Thanks in advance!

  47. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Reagan,

    Thanks for letting me know. I have now updated the BBC iPlayer Radio to it´s latest version.

    Best regards


  48. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi Simone,

    Thanks for letting me know that the BBC iPlayer Radio app needed updating. I have now done this.

    Best regards


  49. Peter Hinson says:

    Hi John,

    You´re most welcome and thanks for letting me know about the BBC iPlayer Radio app needing updating. I have now done this.

    All the best


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