Watch movies and shows for free with the Crackle app for Android

crackle  The Crackle app for Android streams movies, shows and US and Canadian TV programmes for free and is available for download outside the US on this site. And if you’re located outside of the US or Canada you can watch these movies and shows too if you change your IP address to a US or Canadian one using a country ip changing app.

And if you do not have a country IP address changing app on your Android device, we recommend the HMA VPN app. It is the best country IP address changer of all, with fast speeds allowing high quality streaming. And you can get IP addresses from more than 100 countries.

The link to getting the HMA VPN IP changer is found on this page too.

Crackle apk v4.4.5.0 Android app updated 22-06-2016

Crackle is an Android app that streams movies and shows for  US and Canadian residents for free. But, if you’re located outside of the US or Canada you can watch this too by using a country IP changing app like HMA VPN that will give you a US or Canadian IP address.



HMA VPN Country IP Address Changer

Change your country IP address to a US IP address or to 100 other country IP addresses to access and watch content from a country of your choice.




Peter Hinson


  1. God bless you! Please help with an updated TVplayer to 2.2. 4. All 4 (4.0) replacing 4oD

  2. Hi Bill,
    I’m pleased to let you know that I have now added the new All 4 Channel 4 apk that replaces the 4oD Android app. Unfortunately Channel 4 still hasn’t managed to sort out the problems they had with the 4oD app as it still cannot stream programmes on all Android devices – I hope it works for you.

    Brgds /Peter

  3. Hi,
    The ITV app doesn’t load on my Android tablet. It seems to be corrupt

  4. Hi Joel,

    The ITV Player v4.3.0 app works perfectly fine. If you’re getting the error message “We’re sorry something went wrong try again later,” this means ITV has detected that you’re located outside of the UK and won’t allow you to play ITV streamed videos (some of the not so good country IP changing VPN apps have had their UK IP addresses blocked by ITV and perhaps other TV networks). This has been known to happen with the Uno-Telly and HotSpot shield VPN apps. Which country IP changing app are you using?

    To see if it is your VPN causing the problem, go onto Google Play and download the SurfEasy VPN app and install it. This free version is slower than the paid version and only has a 750 Mb download limit per month, but it hasn’t had its UK IP addresses blocked by ITV. If you can stream ITV channels by using the SurfEasy VPN app then you’ll know that it is your VPN solution that has caused the problem.

    I have used the HideMyAss HMA VPN solution for 10 years now and have never had a problem with this – so this is the one I usually recommend and you can get it from the link on my site.

    I hope this helps and please let me know if it did.

    Best regards /Peter

    P.S And sometimes the ITV app has problems working on a non wifi network such as a mobile network. If you get this problem you can always use the TVCatchup player to watch ITV channels.

  5. Hi,
    I have just uploaded the latest Crackle apk Android app, and it is ready for download and install.
    Brgds /Peter

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